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JamStats Newsletter January 2017



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TitleDescriptionModified Date
COST OF DISASTER IN JAMAICA The aggregate cost of disasters in Jamaica is on the decline when measured as a percentage of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. This is true for the period 2001 through 2017. 25/11/2022 Download
Median Age of Mothers,... The Median Age of mothers is the average age of all first-time mothers for the specified year 01/11/2022 Download
Governance Measure in... The set of indicators sought to provide an objective measurement as it relates to how well a country is governed. Indeed there are other measures that could be included but for the purpose of this presentation only the set covered by Vision 2030 Jamaica National Development Plan will be considered 30/09/2022 Download
Motor Vehicle Fatalities by... Fatalities due to motor vehicle collision on our roads is of much concern to all, not only because of the hurt and anguish experienced by families of the victims but also because an enormous burden is borne by the State in these circumstances. 14/07/2022 Download
Population Density 2014-2021 The population density of a country is a measure of the number of persons living in a particular geographical space. The geographical space is usually defined as one square mile or one square kilometer. 28/06/2022 Download

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Vision 2030 Jamaica Read More
TitleDescriptionModified Date
Profile of Vision 2030... A snapshot of how Jamaica is progressing towards meeting its Goal 1 targets. 28/01/2013 Download
National Dashboard of... Quarterly Report Presentation - February 2012 23/08/2012 Download
National Dashboard of... Quarterly Report Presentation - August 2012 23/08/2012 Download